I Was 12 Years And Diabetic

We make choices daily that affect our ability to function or grow, and at times these choices have an effect on our ability to live a normal life. For me, it was in the choices I made with regards to food, which at the time I made them, I didn’t realise how they would impact my life.


Due to these food choices, I was diagnosed with Diabetes at age 12, a condition whereby your body loses its ability to control the insulin and glucose levels. When I first heard the news, it felt like a life sentence. I mean I was only 12 years old for crying out loud and I needed all the candy, chocolate or cake a teenager kind can’t live without. Actually, I needed all the sweet food to get me through the heartbreaks, hormonal changes, period and every other thing a 12 year old go through!!

It was right there in the Dr office that I had to make a couple of change and start to watch what I ate, or when and how much of it I ate. I learned that, It was time to be more conscious about what I put into my body, it was time to take control. So, I made the choice that as much as I might have Diabetes, it does not however have to control my life.


Looking back, I realised that at times we give so much power, or rather opportunity to the food we eat to a point that they hinder our body’s best functioning ability. Sometimes we are so ignorant to how our attitude towards the food we put into our bodies affects what we get out of them. But ladies, we are the masters of our own bodies and minds and we need to take control.

I had to learn that diabetes is spelled DIA-BEAT-THIS, a common anthem among my fellow diabetic friends. I have the power to overcome this and not let it control my life. I have full control over my life!