Just another day!


I can clearly remember how throughout my 20s, every new year, I would proclaim at the start of each new year with words like “This is going to be the year, things are changing and I’m going to make the best decisions!” Forget about yesterday (the 31st December) — all the mistakes and misery, and drama. Come January 1, my life was going to turn around!

A new year was magically suppose to change me, I mean, that’s what a new year is all about, right? Well, The honest truth is that things never did work out the way I had planned. I didn’t lose weight. I didn’t get my dream job, or my dream boyfriend. I didn’t start practicing yoga or eating clean.


I guess it’s because most of us are all amped up in the beginning of the year to lose weight or spend less and then March hits and we get distracted with other commitments and fall back into old habitual patterns. We've been under this impression that January 1st had some sort of magical power — like it’s the only day of the year that could provide us with new hopes, new dreams, a new outlook and new and endless possibilities.

I have no issues with the New year's day and its ability to prompt most of us to make the all so needed changes in our lives, but the reality is that halfway we fall short of the 100 list of goals we’ve set or we forget the resolutions we took months back. The irony with all is that the next time we are reminded about all the resolutions we made is when the same event (New Years) knocks on our doors again.


A year is a compilation of millions of moments, and life can change in a moment, then why wait for another year, when you can change this very second, this very day

So, remember that every new day is a new start, a daily opportunity to rectify our mistakes, recoup our lives, refine our character and start a new journey. We do have millions of opportunities, but it is finite, time is not unlimited, so use it wisely. When a better version of ourselves is at stake, wait no longer. Just do it. Period.