Ladies Mielie-Papa is not the weight loss enemy 

For many of us the staple food in most households growing up consisted of mielie-pap. And the funny thing is, I have seen this main source of starch be decorated in many different ways when being dished. From serving it in its plainest form, to serving it as creamy cheese and sweet corn pap or making it into cookies, mielie bread and to my recent surprise serving it as maize meal pizza.


Due to this, for most woman our first approach to control our weight has been to eliminate mielie-pap from dietary plans. But one interesting thing I recently learnt is that you can lose weight while still keeping mielie pap in your diet, but there are three things that should be taken into consideration:

  • The glycaemic index (GI) intake.
  • Low fat diet.
  • Exercise to promote fat loss.

If you are a mielie-pap lover here some suggests that will allow you to keep enjoying it but still lose weight.

According to Dr Ingrid Van Heerden by controlling the GI of your pap intake can control the amount fat/carb consumption. The glycaemic index determines your blood sugar level therefore how much fat is taken in. She further elaborates that what stand between a high GI and low GI is the temperature that you eat your pap.

If you eat your mielie pap hot this results in a high GI and if you eat it cold it results in a low GI. High GI results in high blood levels and this can result increase of body fat therefore weight gain. By allowing the mielie-pap to cool down before eating will lower the GI. 

There are various ways to serve the mielie-pap but if your focus is to lose weight and still enjoy your pap I suggest serving it with food items that are low fat such as:

  • Low fat milk or low maas.
  • Vegetable stews with or without lean meat.
  • Beans, peas or even lentils.

Remember portion control is pivotal to be successful in weight loss. 


Now if you didn't know this, now you do! Ladies fitness contributes 80% and your diet contributes 20%, which means that exercise is very important if you want to lose weight.

There are many ways to lose weight but I have seen that cardio does promote body fat reduction. The great thing about cardio is that your spoiled for choice on what you can do to achieve your goal whilst having fun.

Here some cardio options to achieve you weight loss:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

Walking may seem simple, I mean most of us already do it daily but trust me when I say that this is an effective way to burn fat. Before I had the opportunity to drive everywhere I used to walk frequently  but since I have started walking less I can see how beneficial walking was to my fitness. It is low impact but does increase your metabolism and your heart.  

Running or Jogging
The benefits of running or jogging are very similar to those of walking but higher impact. It is a great way to get your heart rate up and metabolism going. These aerobic exercise are fantastic to resist weight gain.


Cycling is my personal favourite. This exercise is not only great to burn calories but depending on the variations performed on the bicycle,  for example standing up while cycling,  the other benefits that  can be noted includes burning fat around the belly and giving you a great booty.

Another one of my favourite cardio activities. This is really a great way to lose weight but also get your body toned at the same time. Being able to swim is quite a beneficial skill to have.
I have seen that cardio not only burns calories but also decreases stress level, promotes better sleep and increases your lung capacity.

Before changing your dietary plan or starting a certain exercise routine please contact your physician.

Photo Credit: Mpho Baisitse