Loving Your Body Through Fruits

Have you ever thought of yourself in a different life form, specifically as a fruit? Okay lets play with our imagination this a bit. Think of yourself groomed by the earths most fertile soil in its variety of colours and forms, playing an important role in nurturing the human body and providing it with the essential elements it needs to survive.

If this where to be true, which fruit would you most prefer to be? An apple maybe in their different beautiful colours like green, red or golden yellow? I mean their known and proven to keep the doctor away. Or maybe cranberries in their dark rich red colour, with the ability to help fight of infections. Let’s not forget the citrus fruit loaded with immune boosting and antibacterial characteristics?

I personally would love to be grapes, besides them being my favourite fruit, I’ve always found them rather intriguing at how they grow in batches, tightly packed and so close to the stem, they have a need to be isolated from other fruits as they naturally adopt other fruits odours, and they are multipurpose fruits and are mostly self fertile. The fact that they help protect the skin from harmful UV rays, they improve blood circulation and the dilation of blood vessels, and also they improve brain power and help with the break down of fats in the body.

With such amazing facts who wouldn’t want to be a grape! Yes, fruits have extraordinary abilities, that are often overlooked. They for instant revive our bodies and help them maintain good health. Wouldn't it be a blessing to have such wonderful capabilities and be a part of one of the most important earth produce? I know I would!