Music. Expression. Travel.

My life, my journey with the violin.   

One… Two… Three! These three yet instructive words said the night of our dress rehearsal with the Free State Symphony Orchestra; the night were I witnessed the dramatic expressions slammed by the artists.   


I was in the fourth grade when my artistic flair overtook me. But even then there was something peculiar about the music, the different instruments, playing in different positions. I never knew at that time; hearing all those instrument merger into a jubilant mess, that odd state of being made me feel alive and understood, amidst all that beautiful noise, I found my passion.

I view music as a form of expression, an identity, a place of refuge. Moreover, it is the heartbeat of the universe. I know it sounds clichéd  but it has the power to tie people together, it awakens our senses and creates a whole new language understood by the recipient. Music brings cultures together, from the Zulu tribes around the Drakensberg, the healing tunes of the Swahili, traveling right to the smooth harmonised voices in Germany, this piece of science produces mutations of new sounds were new styles are created.   

I started playing the violin when I was in grade three, just out of sheer curiosity. My indulgence of the instrument started when I was in grade four and that's when I joined my first orchestra. I started playing with Bochabela String Orchestra (BOS), where we mostly played African sounds. However, my major breakthrough was with the Free State Symphony Orchestra, and that experience is something I can never fathom to this day. It felt like I was in a dream and it all made sense in my little vivid mind. The stage, the lights and the hastiness of the organisation made it clear that this is what I was born to do. Ever since then, every piece I play is like a gift being unpacked and this beauty is something I can never replace. 

Music gives me life and hope, it brings out the best in me; I see myself as a physician on strings, healing the oppressed  through the melodies and blues because music has that power. So, join me as we unpacking the mysteries of music and travel.