My Hips Don’t Lie

One of my favourite and least favourite body transformations during my adolescent years has to be gaining curves. I loved it because of the overall body shape it gave me especially in those tight hugging dresses but my dislike was how my jeans would fit up until my knees but would not move past my curves because of the inches gained around my hips.

It is great how lately curvaceous bodies are embraced and how hour glass and pear shaped bodies are seen to be super sexy. Thanks to women such as Beyoncé, the Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and so forth; we have been given liberty to love our ‘none-straight shaped bodies’.


With that said, for women whose waist to hip ratio is not 1:1 we know the challenges of all the fat being stored in your hips and the struggles of working out but the hips still don’t want to lie by trimming down. It is also important to love your body regardless of how much you work out the general shape of your body won’t change.

So, firstly, I encourage you to acknowledge and appreciate your shape by loving it flaws and all.  Remember that factors that contribute to the size of your hips includes genetics and your body structure. Therefore, no matter how much you exercise or diet the shape of your body is the shape of your body and it won’t change. Even though your body structure might be of wide hips, just as people would like to reduce belly fat, your desire to reduce the fat in your hips is viable and possible.

The hacks I will be sharing to reduce your hips won’t change your body structure but will assist  in you fitting into those old jeans again and tone up that mean fat that never  want to budge on your curves.


Let’s get into it – firstly, diet is everything.
Here’s a list of food that contributes to the widening of hips. You do not have to cut out these foods items completely if you enjoy them but eating them in moderation is pivotal for a healthy lifestyle.

Sugary foods.
This includes cakes, sweets, chocolate, cookies, doughnuts, fizzy drinks, the list goes on. I have such a sweet tooth, my goodness! I once gave up sweets for a couple of months and I can say that sugar does contribute to the inches on your hips.  If on top of that your family is genetically curvy, you regularly taking in food items that have high sugar content contribute significantly to increasing your hips. On days when I consciously want to control my sugar intake raisins are my to-go-to snacks.

Potato Chips
I am not an absolute fan of savoury food such as chips (sweet tooth syndrome) so I barely eat them.  But one particularly month I overdosed by eating them close to everyday because of my busy schedule and how readily available Simba chips seem to be. Within a month I could see the changes in my body which included the widening of my hips. I personally would not advice eating potato chips everyday rather swap them for fruits or boiled/steam veggies as an alternative. They are not only healthy but definitely filling.

Fast Food
You do not have to be a rocket scientists to know that fast food is NOT a healthy meal choice. From burgers to fried chips to even dipped fried nuggets as a snack. No matter how tired or lazy you are post work, school or simply a busy day; fast food cannot replace taking the time to prepare a nutrient filled meal. If you know that time is factor in your daily schedule I suggest you dedicate a day during the week to meal prepping that way you will not cheat yourself of a great healthy meal.


Let’s move on to exercises that will assist you in reducing the fat around your hips.

In general cardio is fantastic for burning fat from running, cycling, swimming or even just taking a walk. Cardio is even good for your heart so it is all a matter of figuring out what works for you and your schedule. Cycling, swimming or running can burn about 600 calories per hour, and skipping rope for an hour can burn 1000 calories.

When doing squats ensure that your back and neck is straight and keep the weight in the heels of your feet. When lowering yourself into the squat use your glutes and thighs. Push up on your heels to return to the start position. Do 3 sets with each set having 15 reps.

Plank leg lifts
This exercise is quite beneficial as it burns a lot of fat on the lower body. First begin by being in a plank position with your hands and elbow resting on the floor and your toes touching the floor as well. Make sure to keep your body and legs straight. To feel the effect of the exercise tighten your legs and abs while holding the position.  Left your leg as high as possible and lower it back down. Perform 3 sets with 15 reps on each legs.

Fire Hydrants
This exercise is not only a fat burner but also shapes your booty. Get into the position by placing your hands and knees in a table top position. Balance your body by placing your hands on the floor and keeping them straight. Engage your abs by pulling your abdominal in towards your spin. Always point your hips towards the ground and your legs bent to a 90⁰ angle.  Raise your left knee out to the side as high as possible and hold your leg at the top and return it to the starting position. Do 3 sets with 15 reps on each leg.

I hope you find all these tips to trim your hips beneficial as I did. Remember to consult your physician before starting a new diet plan or exercise routine.