Out With The Old, And In With The New

First of all, I just want to put it out there that my “new year, new me” phase seems to be helping me grow in a very interesting way. From it, I am genuinely a more developed individual and I’ve been sticking to working on my goals day in and day out. I never actually thought I would be able to say that so early into my 20s because, I mean, which 20 year old actually sticks to their new year’s resolutions?


Previously I was obsessed with setting goals that required me to develop new attributes, and basically use those to cover up any unwanted emotion or characteristic. But, it all just clicked one day as I repeated to myself, “out with the old, and in with the new”, that I needed to invested time and effort into getting a really nice journal that I would use to write my progress toward the new me, but I also vowed that I would never write anything negative in it (to further motivate me to read it). I have made previous attempts to keep a journal, but I was never as intentional as I have been this time around, I am more in tune with my thoughts and emotions.

I think I might have found the secret of practicality. I know, I know, it seems like I would have known that by now, but, hey I’m a work in progress. I decided to start focusing on completing a goal before adding any new once, this meant that I had to face my issues head-on, and oh boy it wasn’t and it is still not easy but I’m loving it. The thing about spending time with the demons in my closet takes away their power, I actively have the power to decide to take something meaningful from every experience in my life. Let the pain refine me and not define me (Somebody let Oprah know she’s got competition lol).


From journalling my thoughts to reading more and daily affirmations I can be sure of one thing, this is the year of immense growth. I recently just finished reading The Wait by DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good and I absolutely loved it, now I do not read anything I didn’t know prior but, did they not gracefully concentrate everything and provide me with the words I have been searching for? It’s a beautiful book that I believe everyone should read at least once in their lifetime, religious or not.

This is the year that every person should be taking their power back from anyone or anything that often deters them from continuing on the journey of becoming their best selves. Face the issues head-on and be open to the process of learning, trust the process and enjoy the person you come out as on the other side. We’re getting refined!!!!!