Remembering the Sunday 7 colors we used to cook as a family

Growing up and being the youngest out of 4 children, I always had the privilege of indulging in everyone of my siblings special meals. 

For some reason they all seem to love cooking, and now when I think about my youth the warmth of home cooked meals and cooking them as a family is still very vivid, those are my best memories! You know the saying "a family that eats together stays together ", that statement has proven to be true to me way too many times.


Food feeds the soul, it brings joy to the bluest souls and enlightens people in the most profound ways. Food has the ability to bring people of different personalities, races, or even culture together, it creates a solid boundary upon which a relationship can be built upon. 

So my question is, how often do you cook with your family? 

First and foremost, cooking together gives families a time to share, bond and work together. If you to set aside a specific meal or two that you always make as a family, it’ll also give everyone a “together” time to look forward to. 

For example, my highlight of the week was the Sunday meals we used to prepare together with my sisters. I actually looked forward to the 7 colors meal cooked as we all sang along to the Sunday soul session on Metro FM.


Make time during the week or weekend where each family member can come together and cook their favorite dishes, it can be as simple as giving everyone something to do and let them be hands on! 

find new recipes to try out together! you will be amazed at how you will grow closer as a family the more you have these cooking sessions. family is a vital aspect in our lives, being healthy with them is of second importance. 

Make use of the time you still have together, in this case just heat up a pot and cook!!