Self Talk

I once came across a statement that read; "self talk can re-wire the brain." It has since become a vital, almost ritual, part of my day-to-day mantra.

Talking to yourself is often thought of as something only children or crazy people do, but research shows that engaging in a little self-conversation as an adult isn’t only completely normal — it’s good for you. 


Ever wondered why it becomes easier to remember things when you repeatedly say them to yourself? For example, when I was younger and was sent to do or get something I would repeat whatever it was that I was sent for over and over again until I got to where I need to go and/or did what I was sent to do. You see, according to Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, a University of Thessaly professor who studies self-talk and the psychology of sports performance, what happens with self-talk is that you stimulate your action, direct your action and evaluate your action.

Most of the time when we talk to ourselves it makes it easier to recall the important things. People will tell you that It often seems way too awkward to have a conversation with yourself, especially out loud. I tend to disagree with that. For instance, whenever you remind yourself of your goals on a daily basis and on how you intend to accomplish them could be  classified as a form of self talk. Yet nobody considers that as Awkward! When we express ourselves we tend to be in better control of our surroundings, better yet, we allow ourselves to have the ability to be in control of them. We are in a better position to visually see the things we implant in our heads.


So, from time to time
write to yourself, surround your bedroom wall with cute motivational notes, put some thoughtful things on your mirror ,allow yourself to be in tune with your inner child, and remind yourself that you are what you constantly do and dare I say think. 

Your wellbeing is an inside job; it isn't always about having ripped and but taking care of yourself mentally, restore your self believe, and rebuild mental power, is a way of allowing yourself to take note of what you deserve. In a way you raise awareness of the things you need to stay healthy and happy. Open yourself up even if it means repeatedly saying your name to yourself over and over again then so be it. Look at it this way, when you’re mentally fit your brain sends good signals to your heart which in turn bursts with happiness and thereby sends good vibes to the rest of your body filling it and allowing you to feel somewhat content. So, go on, have that much needed conversation with yourself. Make sure it's done so out loud. Heavens knows you need you !