Stop Compering Yourself With Other Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship has changed my lifestyle and thought process significantly!

Exactly 4 years ago, I was thinking about becoming rich with my first start-up. My business partners and I were reaching out to potential customers for our organic facial product but that start-up didn’t take off, and I moved on to my next ventures.  

In life you can either set your own rules or follow the rules of someone else. For me, entrepreneurship is a way of life, a lifestyle I prefer. So, two years ago I made the choice to live by my own rules.


Giving up my 9-to-4 and becoming a full-time entrepreneur easy because it was what I wanted. It’s by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It took intelligence, heart, intuitiveness, tenacity, foresight, and a heck of a lot of courage to not only make it work but not to give up when odds were stacked up against me. And for that reason along it’s been the best decision I ever made.

I’ve failed more as an entrepreneur than in my other different pursuits in life. However, the eternal principal that I have come to fully understand is that there is nothing wrong with failing, just as long as you learn from your failures and make it a point to improve yourself. Take me for example, I did not leave the entrepreneurial world even after losing money and time in my first start-up. As heart breaking and as devastating as that experience was, I refused to allow it to discourage me. However, one mistake I made as a new entrepreneur was looking at others entrepreneurs being successful and thinking to myself, “I don’t I have their skills, network, finances, abilities, and resources, so I won't be as successful as they are.” But I quickly realised that this kind of thinking was not going to get me far. 

It is unfortunate that many entrepreneurs, especially women, make this mistake; comparing their weaknesses to their peers’ strangers. Look, If you want to truly succeed in your business, then you really need to stop questioning and doubting yourself. As an entrepreneur, you are uniquely and wonderfully made to accomplish something that the “average” person would not dare dream of doing. Many women in business strongly believe that they must follow the “crowd” to succeed. But they fail to realize that there is enough “pie” for everyone to have a piece. The greatest tool to being a “true success” in small business is that you must know what sets you apart from the competition. 


Entrepreneurs are good at playing the comparison game. We compare ourselves to our competitors, celebrities, and/or to anyone who appears to be doing better than us. But what this only does is fuel the fear that we are not good enough and, more worryingly, what we’ve created is not good enough. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the comparison game with successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill and Melinda Gates, and of course, Oprah. 

Don’t get me wrong, competition can be a good thing. It can motivate you to work harder and make you strive for bigger goals. It can also be a learning tool, as in business, the competition is often ahead because they found a new or improved way of doing things. However, if you are going to compare your small start-up to Facebook or let’s say Amazon, companies whose net worth is in the billions, then you will never feel good about what you are doing — but that doesn’t mean your business doesn’t matter and isn’t affecting change in the eyes of your customers.

We all have a moment of doubt occasionally, but I think that this line of thinking is incredibly detrimental to the success of your business. It encourages wantrepreneurs to do nothing, and for procrastinators to put off doing the hard work that is actually required to do something. 

So maybe you’re not solving the problem of pollution, inventing something to reduce the effects of global warming, or creating a spaceship that will send people to a Mars colony – but never forget that you are affecting change.