Truth be told I am by no means an expert on relationships and love. With that said, this is what I strongly believe; the Word of God is our guide in all facets of life. It amazes me till this day, how one book has managed to still be relevant in every affair of our lives and have principles that are applicable to any unique situation. This is evidence enough show how the Word of God is alive and quickening.

It’s in this consideration that, I believe I've found my saving grace, to at least have something worth mentioning in regards to relationships and love.

Let’s observe this point together:
In the first book of the bible, Genesis, we witness the coming together of the first couple, as I call it the first RELATIONSHIP. Some of us may be very familiar with the story that took place in the Garden of Eden, starring Adam and Eve. I will not go over the story in depth, but let us focus our attention on how Adam met with Eve, and the events that lead to their relationship.
The Lord caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam and began operating on his body, in which he (Adam) lost all control and sight of what was outside. Take note of how he had cut him opened to get to what was within. The key note here is that, Adam wasn’t ready to meet with Eve unless he underwent some discomforts that would reveal his essence, which in this case, was his rib. This process was not meant to be as easy as, just taking a rib out, he had to lose all control and sight.  Then he was ready to be OPENED to create Eve.

Now enter Eve; she is said to have been presented by God for Adam. What we must understand is this, PRESENTATION IS PRECEEDED BY PREPARATION. In other words, unless preparation is complete, presentation is delayed.

Therefore I want to believe that in light of these things with regard to relationships, one need to take into consideration that a man is to be judged more on his essence than on what he controls on the outside. Can he bear the discomfort of opening himself up and revealing who he truly is on the inside? Can he let go of the rails, relying not only on what he can see and honestly examine himself, exercising introspection? 

Same goes for the woman, Is she prepared to recognize, appreciate and receive what is truly inside the other person? More than her looks and her curves, a woman must be judged on her readiness. She must be "together- within", complete and whole. It is the woman who is likely experience the damming effects of going into a relationship she was not prepared for. Therefore it is imperative that she too practices honest introspection and be sober when decisions are made which involve being in a relationship.

As I conclude, it is important that we understand that true love transcends far beyond the chemistry of emotions. Relationships are meant to be deliberate and not left to chance. 

God is love and love always wins.