The Importance Of Fibre

Often we make bad food choices and hope to still feel energetic and revived. We cut out so much of the essential foods needed in from our diets and by so doing we do not get the nutritional results we need for our bodies. 

One good source of the essential nutrients we often neglect is fibre. Fibre is a form of carbohydrate that’s important for smoothing out the process of digestion by maintaining good health and a good productive digestive system. Simply it allows your body to break down the food you eat into its different components that make it easy for the enzymes in our bodies to digest and make use of. 

Most times we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable, like we have just been punched very hard in the stomach or worse like we have just eaten a truck full of food, the trick is to eat enough of fibre daily which will gives you the relief needed in such a situations. 

On top of breaking down sugars and fats, fibre helps our bodies get rid of bacteria within our small intestine. I recently found out that it also prevents heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and cancer. Yes all of this by partaking the right amount of fibre, like your vegetables, fruits beans, and oats.  


Some ways to increase fibre intake
Since breakfast is a very important part of your diet, eat wholemeal cereals, such as all bran and some oats. Replace your regular rice, pasta, bread with whole-wheat. One makes these changes step by step daily and you will see how your body will be intune, working together to achieve good health and balanced life