The Need for Space

Interior decorating can be a real bliss or a total miss, especially when you have a small space and love decorating. You can at times find yourself overwhelmed with stuff rather than a beautiful space you initially intended to create. 

When I bought my apartment, it was just the perfect size for me. I had so many ideas floating in my head, but where to fit them all was the problem.  It's like you can never get enough space to accommodate all the Pinterest décor inspiration on your board.  

When it came to buying furniture, space is always a top consideration. At times I felt like I had to compromise so much in order to fit that beautiful cozy couch I have been eyeing for months, but when you get the planning and fit right, you get to save space and still have style.

This takes me back to when I first viewed my now apartment. I was already picturing which item of furniture will go where and what I wanted to add or change. Fortunately then I didn’t have much to move in with, which was just my bed, a fridge, washing machine and lots of clothes, which made it much easier to buy furniture according to the space that was there.

Measure up

After purchasing the apartment and doing my last inspection of the place, I took a measuring tape, pen and notepad with to ensure that I take all the measurements so I know the right furniture sizes to purchase. A friend came to assist with taking the curtain measurements, which made it so much easier when it came to getting the right curtain sizes.


Planning is key to almost anything we do and it is essential in organizing your new space.  Below is a rough drawing of how I planned to place all those Pinterest ideas into my new space. This might not be ideal for everyone, but it worked for me. After visualizing where each piece of furniture will fit and also taking into consideration all those measurements I took, it was time to take the drawings and measurements to the furniture stores. This helped me see the types of items I can purchase that will fit into my plans. This same type of planning I also apply when it comes to rearranging the furniture and changing my décor style. 


Multi-Purpose furniture

Multi- purpose furniture are a must have in small spaces. Living in a one bedroom apartment and not having enough room to host guests can be really frustrating. I had to look for furniture that can be used for more than one purpose but still fit my style. In this way you save space and money while having everything you need right there in your small home. There are modern and exciting designs that can work perfectly with any style. You don’t want your small space to suffocate, so take your time planning. 

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