Lately, it seems, I’ve been learning a lot about Forgiveness and letting go of things that don't bring me happiness. 

A couple of months back I started using the mediation to forgive and let go. From my studies and meditations I’ve learned that forgiveness engages the universal law of agency or ones ability to choose; it requires one to be conscious and understanding that everyone, including yourself, has the right to behow and whom they want to be at any given moment. Forgiveness is the ability to allow and deal with error and weakness in self and others. It has been a way for me to give up resentment and work through offenses resourcefully. And I must surely testify of how It has had the power to heal every part of my being; spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  

I once heard someone refer to It as the surprise healer.  

You will often hear people say they can’t forgive because if they do it will be like saying what happened to them was okay and i can relate to them because at one point I felt as they do. But I quickly learned that that’s not what forgiveness is all about. It doesn't mean I condone the wrong doing neither does it mean that I have forgotten what has happened. In fact, I don’t even have to like the person I’m forgiving and I don’t always need to reconcile nor do I need to re-establish a relationship with them if it’s not what I want. The reality is that I've learned that there is nothing I can do about changing the past, physically, but I can work on changing it mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is healthy for me in every way to make the decision to let go of the past and to realise the negativity attached to it.  

Since using the healing power of forgiveness my spirit has found compassion, my mind thinks more positively, my body is healing faster, and my emotions are free to experience joy. Forgiveness has the potential of soothing uncomfortable feelings between people, reuniting broken relationships, creating new relationships and giving you the necessary strength to move forward in a healthy manner. It is the first step to healing any relationship.

Forgiveness can be experienced as a warm feeling or energy that fills you with goodness because it comes with a sense of freedom by releasing and finally letting go of old baggage. The act of forgiving is a very empowering thing and it is something that has to comes out of your own free will. No one can force you to forgive anyone, not even yourself. Yet, the energy that comes with forgiving is the same energy that comes when we are forgiven. I use to be one if those people who always prayed for forgiveness but refused to forgive others. But boy, If we cannot forgive others, then how can we expect forgiveness? Not forgiving is very costly and painful, trust me, i can attest to that. Not forgiving releases negative energies that lead to hatred, revenge, and illness. It allows the hooks of those past actions to stay hooked deep within us, holding us back from living fully and completely. You and I truly have nothing to loose and everything to gain by forgiving.

Therefore, let us learn to forgive and find the strength to rise above negative energy like anger, suspicion, bitterness and condemnation, vengeance, fault finding and so forth. And let us vow to not get involve in such negativity. You are too great, caring and loving. Remind yourself that. At times it may be helpful to consider the "offender's" prospective. To try and put ourselves in their shoes type of a thing. Even though doing so is never easy, but we have to. Honestly, realizing that people are doing the best they know how according to the resources, tools, and wisdom they have makes forgiving a little less painful to the wounded. So, learn to separate the offence from the offender and in your heart and soul realise the offender, even if you may not accept the fact that the action hurt you and that's okay. Forgiveness isn't about the other person anyway but for the sake of your future, be wise and simply let go of the past. 

Forgiveness is necessary if you ever plan to love life fully and happily. I know forgiving can be difficult to do, but, we must forgive for our own well-being. Offenses are negative and any negative thing has the potential of weakening the immune system; the same way as stress does. So, if the experience was traumatic, remember it is the forgiver that is healed through forgiving.

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