The reality of being morally selective

A thought came to my mind the other day after overhearing a conversation between two young ladies talking about how objectified women are. As I was sitting quietly in the back of a bus, I thought: “hmmm…these are very interesting times!” I know, sounds like a chick flick from the early 2000s, right?! As they spoke of their need to call out a certain somebody, who seemed to be the key character in their conversation, this sparked a lot of questions in my head. As a university student, calling out people and problematizing social interactions have become second nature to me and sometimes it feels like it’s a trend. And if you’re not on it, you’re delusional.


At the same time, its 2017, a time where morals basically are non-existent; yet so highly enforced. So, this got me thinking, are we living in a morally inclined society with discourses such issues as intersectionality or simply a time where everyone is an individual and can do whatever they please, even to the two-people responsible for their existence? Wow! The contradiction that is the 21st century.

To be fair, people don’t value the same things as we do. Although, some may appear to be more morally inclined than others, they do have aspects of their lives that are not so morally applaudable. Please, do not get me wrong, by no means am I passing judgement on others by saying these things. However, I am trying to point out that we care about different things as individuals. Let’s face it! If I was not black, I probably would not care as much about the struggles that black people face. And if I weren’t a black female, I probably would not devote so much of my energy on the issues surrounding black females. I know this because I have realized I don’t really care ‘as much as I should’ about what’s happening between Pakistan and Israel.


I hear the word Apartheid and I probably should have some sort of interest but I really don’t. Even though I am a huge advocate for intersectionality, I probably would care a little more about gay rights if I were gay. For once in your life, please, be honest with yourself, you really don’t care about social issues that you’re not directly affected by or anyone close to you. For example, it takes a special person to immediately recognize that there is a ramp missing for wheelchairs when walking up the steps into a courtroom and when we do, we all just assume, “ag man, I’m sure its somewhere in the back” and you know why? Because we have able bodies, and we don’t need to worry about that.


In my world, gender binaries exist even though I know very well that is not the reality of life. If I were Trans then I would definitely think differently. Now, do we say it’s okay for people not to care just because it does not affect them? No, but let’s think of this as our first AA meeting and the first step to fixing the root of the problem. And the first step towards recovery is identifying and admitting to the problem, of which we are all part of. We are all problematic.