You could compare my last couple of days to a bowl of fruit loops. Milky and Fruity; Colourful but contained and yet sweet but not overbearing. 

Why? You may ask. Well, I have been offline (so as to not be tempted to tweet, Instagram, Facebook and instant chat on the ever so popular WhatsApp) and loving the amount of time I have been able to spend with my niece and nephew. But, of course, the down side to switching off the data on my phone is the other technological devices that call out my name. Television, for one, and its alluring programmes. I looove watching TLC, BET and MTV. The other being Google itself! Which usually just leads to me spending hours on end surfing for the latest fashion trends, hair blogs and, well, music news. 

It seems as if we live in such a loud society; local and international alike. Everything these days involves Hashtags and Trends. And I mean everything! I, myself, am also guilty of that too. I have realized that I spend so much of my time surfing the net that I have even neglected to make the time to read that book that I have been meaning to. The sad part is that I have even robbed myself of the tender opportunity to have a heart to heart conversation with my ma and pa.

They call it FOMO. The fear of missing out!

But the question I ask myself is “Are we fearful of missing out or is it that we are really just fearful of being all alone?”

Have we lost the beauty of the sound of own voices? What about that of silence? Whatever happened to the simplicity of a human touch? When did you last give a long and warm hug to someone because you genuinely wanted to make their day or sat down to a quiet picnic and admired the beauty of nature?

This week I have admitted to myself that I am beginning to join a generation of online living. But also a generation of reality cowardry (this is a word I just made up lol). I am now aware that I sometimes concentrate so much on how others live their lives that I have neglect the simplicity of my own. And somehow have managed to overlook the magical journey that is mine.

So, I challenge you this month to put down your phone more often. Browse less. Post less and listen more. Hold a real book in your hands and actually read it. Talk to a real human being. And I mean one that is actually standing right in front of you; Hug and kiss that person; Share a meal with them. Dress up in your own clothes and do not take a picture of yourself. Do something crazy beautiful and share it only with those who are present. Record your feelings in that journal that you bought dinosaur years ago but left it to gather dust on your shelf. Take a walk. Put a time line on when and for how long you are going to spend time on your phone. In other words, quoting the infamous India Arie, when she said:

“Slow down baby, you’re going too fast. You’ve got your hands in the air and your feet on the ground. You need to slow down baby…you’ve gotta, be still before you can get ahead, chaos isn’t good for the health.”

Listen to her. Do this and then watch the difference. If it works for you, keep at it. And if it doesn’t…well, every pot has its lid. Simply find what works for you!