Using The Law Of Attaction In Dating

For the past couple of years I’ve spent my time trying to find the right partner and working to hard to be attractive to guys. I’ve been using many of my resources like time, money, and energy on going to dates, dessert nights, singles events, and trips; shopping for new clothes; exercising, getting my hair and nails done, and so on—all in a big pursuit of finding a husband. Thinking about this today I can’t help but think, have my priorities being misaligned?

Don’t get me wrong; I know I have put myself out there to meet new and interesting people, and yes it’s very important to keep myself attractive. But the truth is, I’ve been learning that putting myself out there is only the first step in the right direction, and looks will only get my foot in the dating door. 

Being the right person
Being the right person is something I haven't put much effort into until lately. Most of the self-help books I’ve been reading teach that “being the right person” is being the person you want to attract, because we tend to be attracted to traits that are similar to ours. Like spiritual depth is an important partner trait for me, which means I’m looking for someone who makes spiritual things a priority in their life. 

So a couple of years back I decided I wanted to be the right  person. I went through a process of removing things out of my life that weren’t adding value or were dragging me down. This included letting go of some unhealthy relationships and getting rid of some stuff that wasn’t particularly uplifting. I started focusing more on my relationship with God and my personal goals and less on unimportant things that where just distracting me.

The efforts of this kind of introspection was that I'm starting to attract guys with quality. These guys know what their priorities in life are and they are accomplished, smart, kind, thoughtful, and spiritual. They are inspiring and impressing and make me want to continually improve myself.

Attract who and what you want

I’m learning to ask myself honest questions such as “Would the perfect person I’m looking for want to be with me? Do I possess the qualities I want in a spouse?”. And I’m constantly finding that there are things I need to work on. I’m in control of my destiny, but it is shaped by the small choices I make every day. 

As Thomas S. Monson said “Your choices determine your destiny” 

So I'm choosing to be a magnet for whatever (or whomever) I want to attract.