Valentine’s Day is not Women’s Day


“Valentine’s Day is not Women’s Day”

I don’t know how many times I have heard and read this comment this year. I have to admit, I had a clutch-my-pearls “excuse me” moment when someone first said it to me, but I guess it’s a fair statement to make. Basically what we’re hearing ladies is; it’s time to pull up those stockings and invest in your own happiness. Its 2018, we’re moving towards breaking societal norms and re-imagining a women position in the world. But if you ask me, we as women need to treat ourselves on Valentine’s Day more.

Don’t wait for a man to do it sis, get your life. Get yourself some shares, invest in a couple of ‘must-reads’ for the year by cleaning out Exclusive books, tick something off that bucket list. Listen, its February, meaning that you must still be working on your gym goal for the year, then I would say STAY AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATES. Start the year off right, single or taken self-love and investment is a must this year. If you want to do something for that special somebody go ahead but attending to yourself is not optional.


As we all know treating yourself may not necessarily cost you an arm and a leg, we’re still in the transition of accepting that it’s a new year, with new goals and hopefully different and better habits. Run that bubble-bath, light those candles, play those jams, be extra sis, you go get yourself some nice oils, visit Lush for once, and spend your day in a robe. Granted today is a workday, you now have an excuse to slug it out on Saturday. If you end up doing nothing for yourself this Valentine’s Day, please make it a thing in the following year. We need those constant reminders that we’ve got this, we’ve got ourselves, plan your Valentine’s Day ahead of time, save if you want to be about the investing life, I know I am making V-Day sound like a birthday but honestly, celebrate yourself on your birthday and love yourself on Valentine’s Day.


Explore something you love and are passionate about, as much as V-Day is about love, this day is about believing in something that you are willing to die for, feed your soul, learn something new and grow, find out what is it that you believe in (some people never think of such) what keeps you grounded, what makes you whole. That to me is love. Be your own St. Valentine.

P.S The other person will follow, honestly.