What is your decorating style?

Ever felt frustrated about decorating? Like you can’t seem to figure out what goes with what!

There are so many different styles of design out there and not to mention the influence most of us get from our childhood and where we comes from.

With that in mind, I have considered a few tips that have narrowed my taste in style and what works for me but also bearing in mind that mixing and matching different items, that I otherwise wouldn't, does bring a new, fresh, and bold look to my space. So, some of the well-known decorating styles that I think will add your taste are:



Shabby chic


Art deco

Mid-century modern





Medieval & Culture  

If you haven't already thought of these or have been too afraid to experiment with them; what are you waiting for?! It's 2017, a good time to start venturing into brand knew stylish avenues.

I was once asked what inspired my decorating style. And coming from a design background, I must say, I am inspired by a number of things. For example: nature, culture, history and colour are but a few. However, my decorating style changes and at times it’s a combination of a lot of styles and things depending on what inspires me at that time. Currently, I have Mid-century modern with a little bit of culture and a whole lot of colour. My bedroom is shabby chic with a glamorous approach and I am going for an industrial look for my dinning area. I know, this seems like mush mash of everything under the sun, but when you do it right, it works. 

You have to take the time to look at what you love. If you like colour and a minimal look, just take it from there. Honestly, I liked Mid-century modern and wanted some bright colours so I looked for colourful scattered cushions with an African pattern design to add that brightness and texture. 

I visit sites like Pinterest  and Houzz for more inspiration. I spend most of my online searches on Pinterest especially when it comes to interior design. Another factor that can influence your décor style is the size of you space. This can make a huge difference, so always bear that in mind when choosing a style to work with. Lighting also plays a big role on how your décor will look.

If you still struggle, ask a friend to help you out, they will provide a second opinion. Better yet get professional advice (but don't break your budget with this one). There are also online quizzes that one can take to discover what your style is. There are so many styles you can try out, the key is to make time for it, plan, sample and in no time you’ll find your decorating style.