Where is your energy?

Today; I want to speak of something sacred, something personal, something magnificent. I want to speak about something that is yours alone; something you cannot break and give to another as much as you would want to. Something that since the beginning of the world was yours; perhaps even before the world was. I want to speak about your energy. By energy I mean your efforts, your sacrifices, your effort, your sweat and tears. That sacred stuff you put into the world. Your capabilities- your potential.

Some of us spend so much time throwing our energy around. Not using it wisely, not investing it. Some of us spend time not using it at all, we shelf it somewhere in a dark corner and never realise the strength and capabilities we possess and the impact we may have had.


I have been spending time speaking to many different women; and some common behaviours I noticed were that these amazing women; were spending their energy- their time, resources and efforts on relationships where they were being mistreated, abused and cheated on. They were using their energy to hold on to something that was hurting them. From where I stood they were making a poor investment. I boldly say that (and said it to them) because I believe wherever you invest your energy; although it may require sacrifice and hard work- it will be fulfilling. And you don’t necessarily need to wait for the end to feel that fulfilment.

There is a big difference between being busy and productive. The way we use our energy is meant to result in production; not just business. When we are busy; our schedules are filled with a lot of activities; which however; are not taking us to a desired destination. Instead; they are just distractions. Being productive; is investing your energy towards a specific goal. You have a vision of where you want to be and are working to get there. And even though you are not there yet; you are satisfied and content with your efforts because you understand where they lead.


I have spent a lot of my time ‘shelfing’ my energy. Leaving it to rot in some dark space because of self-doubt, fear, laziness; the list is endless. That was comfortable for me. It meant I didn’t have to work much. That’s good right? Well; here’s another big lie the world is selling us: “Hard work is too hard and takes too long.” That is why you have these get-rich-quick and lose-weight-quick schemes. They are using our lack of information, lack of experience and fears to make business. They are not the only ones selling; if we buy into them- we are selling ourselves.

Your energy is sacred, beautiful and so powerful. It is what you have to enhance yourself and the world. It is who you are. Do not throw it around; invest it. Do not shun it, use it. Do not wait for a better time; do it now. The truth is; using our energy and working hard are sources of joy. When we see our ability to impact ourselves and the world; we grow and something in us lights up. Stop doubting yourself. Set goals that will enable you to maximise your energy. When you misuse it; allow others to misuse it or not use it at all; you are in fact; killing your soul little by little. We don’t want to die while we are alive.

Go get it.