Why I Am Not Scared of Putting Myself "Out There"

Since I've started blogging, and especially vlogging, I've had friends remark about how brave and bold I am to put myself "out there"; to share my thoughts, experiences, opinions and so many photos on a public platform. When I shared my first vlog with her, one of my close friends asked "Aren't you scared?" I was confused by her question because I am have not felt scared at all, which then worried me because I started to think that maybe I should be. So, I've been thinking about that this week and realised that I am not scared to put myself "out there" because:


1. I Accept My Flaws
I think one of the main reasons why some of my friends would not want to start a blog or YouTube channel is because there is so much room for criticism. Someone won't like the length or layout of your content, another won't like your photos and someone else will completely disagree with the points you try to make. I haven't received harsh criticism about my content, but I've definitely gotten constructive criticism, which I am grateful for because I know that I am flawed, everyone is, and my content will reflect that. I accept my flaws, and only hope that they will help me become a better person, I can never be perfect in this lifetime, but I definitely hope that by learning through my flaws I can become smarter, wiser and kinder.
2. Blogging and Vlogging Are a Norm
I have not owned a TV for close to two years now, and I see no need to. I love Being Mary Jane and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so I usually watch those online. What I do when I feel like escaping reality and being engrossed in another world, is watch vlogs. I am obsessed. Lifestyle vloggers like Jade Vanriel, Lydia Elise Millen, Amelia Liana and South African cutie, Mihlali N give me life! 
There are so many bloggers and vloggers, especially in Europe and North America, many of whom do it for a living and share more of their lives, thoughts and opinions than I do. It is a norm. What makes it easier for me is that I curate the content on my blog and vlog, so I have control over what I share and how. I don't have to do or say anything that I am absolutely uncomfortable with, so there's no stress.


3. I Really Enjoy It

I have fun doing this. I have fun brainstorming content and putting it together. It is a hobby for me, but it can also turn into a business, or provide business opportunities. A lot of people think that bloggers and vloggers are extroverts, but you'll find that many aren't, I certainly am not. Curating and sharing content that revolves around your reality doesn't necessarily mean that you like drawing attention to yourself. For me, I find the work and purpose of my articles and videos fulfilling. Sharing my work in order to inform or inspire others is part of the purpose.   

4. I'm Not Even Famous

I asked to interview one of my friends about her career, and she said nope, she doesn't want to be famous lol! Thinking back maybe she was joking, but I'm not sure. As much as I'd appreciate more reads and views, my blog and YouTube channel aren't watched nation, or world-wide. There are some bloggers and vloggers who are celebrities, and can barely go out without being recognised, but not in South Africa or probably even Africa. So, as much as I may be exposing myself, it's not scary because very few people consume my content, especially because it is niche. 

 That's it, really.. :)


 If you have a wish to start a blog or vlog and are afraid of being scrutinised, don't be! Unless your content is demeaning or disciminatory, you'll probably find that more people appreciate your content than not. And if it is a possion or interest of yours, you'll have a ball doing it, so start now!

If you have any questions about blogging or vlogging, drop me a comment below.