Why I enjoy walking as an exercise


I am a firm advocate and loyal devotee to the fine art of putting one foot in front of the other and making magic happen in the form of forward motion. Some people do that through running, and that’s okay too. But I love walking.

That daily walk—that low-impact, low-intensity, regularly occurring has helped me stay fit over the years.I found that if I add a 30 minutes brisk walking to my daily routine, I could burn about 150 calories a day. Of course, the more you walk and the quicker your pace, the more calories you'll burn. To reap the most health benefits from walking, your intensity must generally be at a moderate or vigorous level.

It’s important to burn calories, but it’s even more important to commit to whichever activity you choose.


Exercise cannot solely be about calorie burning. I feel that half the time we do ourselves a disservice by pretending that calorie burn is all that we should care about with exercise.

There are a handful of exercises that burn huge amounts of calories. Everything else pales in comparison. And, because of that, the argument would stand that everyone should only do those super-calorie burn classes and skip everything else.

Not everyone likes going to the gym. Some people can’t actually perform kickboxing moves. And plenty of people’s muscles and joints can’t handle endurance running. But with walking, the average person can get up and get moving in a way that will undo—albeit slowly—the kind of damage done by sitting around all day.


Exercise is about improving your quality of life—strengthening your muscles, preserving your joints, improving your range of motion, increasing your flexibility, and more. And there are tons of options for activity that can accomplish all that without being a calorie torcher of an exercise… but walking is an inexpensive and accessible first step.

I’m a believer in starting with people where they are. And if you are apprehensive about jumping head first into the world of active living, and you find the people in those spaces a little intimidating, then those are both okay. You can develop the ability to stand with the giants in the gym another day. But today, with your first step, you can walk.

For me, walking is a wonderful gateway to something incredible