Yea or Nay To My New Bedroom Make-over Idea?

Having recently got back from a 6 months travel adventure, I find that my bedroom doesn’t reflect my style. So, I’ve been thinking of giving my bedroom the attention its screaming for. Well this has inspired me to want to experiment with new colours, and I’m having so much fun with Pinterest right now. My first thought was white walls because I love white, then mossy green walls, but nothing was sticking for me—until I landed on blush.

What most of you might not know about me is, I've never been a pink person, but lately I’m loving blush like crazy. It has slowly grown on me and just seems to work so well with white. I know what you thinking "Eish! Gladys and white" hahaha. Just so you know, I'm also loving the softer side of pink with richer shades of orange, black and even red

So, what is this blush colour I’m going crazy over? It’s pink without being too sweet, and has just enough peach in it to make it feel neutral. (Never did I think I’d be so excited about a pink/peach colour for my room. . .)

What do you think of blush/bashful? Would you use pink in a “grown-up” space? Below are some ideas I’m loving: