You Will Eat Those Words

The words we use, whether silently to ourselves or verbally express to others have an impact on the hearer. When we begin to understand the power of words and realise that we can carefully choose our thoughts and words, our lives can be transformed. I come across a book by Joyce Meyer “Change your words, change your life” a few months back when researching the role my words have played in my life.   

I started implementing one exercise from the book, where every night I would take inventory of the thoughts that had been occupying my mind, the feeling I had felt and what words had left my lips that day. To my surprise, I found that I had a lot of work to do. The honest truth was that I didn’t want to be the reasion I felt the way I felt during the day, but I so wanted to shift the finger of blame from me and pointed to a different source. My thoughts where responsible for the feelings I felt throughout the day, and I had to be completely honest with myself before I could start making significant changes in my life. 

Change doesn't just happen:
I decided I wanted to be happy and that meant watching my thoughts and the words that came out of my mouth. I had realised that my words had a profound effect on me, for instance if I spoke kindness and love about people and my-self that made me feel lighter and happier, but if I was judgemental and cursed people, I would feel a little heavy and weighed down. 

One other person who has had a great influence with regards to taking charge on my happiness is Robin Banks who runs the “Mind Power course” by John Kehoe. He has been a huge asset in my life and God sent. I have done the course a few times and what I mostly love about it is that it puts me back in the driving seat of my life. Robin facilitates the lectures which run for four weeks and the third lecture is about “The power of the spoken word”. The content is amazing and life changing, but one specific lesson was the tipping point for me. Amongst other mind blowing concepts, the realisation of how two words can have the same meaning but affect us differently for example “difficult and challenging”, when I think of something being difficult I immediately lose my enthusiasm and look forward to hardness and way too much effort; challenging on the other hand seems like something I can do, it seems simple and attainable.  

Because of this awakening I realised that I had to eliminate a few words from my vocabulary “can’t, impossible, never, no, and the all infamous word difficult” had to go. 

In “Mind Power” we are also assisted on how to create our own affirmations. “An affirmation is a short, rhythmic, positive statement that you repeat to yourself, over and over again. You do not (even) have to believe the affirmation. All you have to do is repeat it over and over again”. I think I liked that more than anything else, that our words have so much power. I just have to say them, and that’s it, it would be imprinted in my conscious mind. 

I believe negative speech to be a bad habit, and I think people who curse have a limited vocabulary and are often frustrated by their disability. So for this reason I decided to expand my word base and eliminate a few bad ones. I had to make sure that in the place of the old habits, I put healthy and lively self-talk and engaging conversational skills.

“I am a talented, magnetic, captivating and  all-embracing being” that’s the affirmation I created for myself for this week and I am loving it. So whenever I start with the bad self- talk, I’ll have my affirmation ready, I even say them out loud at times especially in traffic.

I’m not saying we should not face reality but let us choose for ourselves a good dose of reality especially if what we term as REALITY  isn’t really what we want more of. What you put in, is what you get out. If we constantly watch the news and read papers with alarming headlines all day long just for the sake of being informed we might end up feeling overwhelmed. Yes, lets avoid being ignorant and read up but we should also pick the good news over the bad. 

I have choice over what I eat…
In nutrition, diet is the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism. It is also defined as a particular selection of food especially as designed or prescribed to improve a person’s physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease. I figure if we want to have a positive mental state, feel good, be and stay healthy we need to choose the words we eat. Decide before hand what your diet consists of and don’t allow your mind to digest anything else. 

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite sayings “Words can poison, words can heal. Words start and fight wars, but words make peace. Words lead men to the pinnacles of good and words can plunge men to the depths of evil.” Marguerite Schumann