Instagram Business Insights

This is probably the most important tool that you would want as a business. The lack of enough information to better understand the followers and the performance of the content were probably the biggest hurdle for businesses to market their products and services better on Instagram.

However, with the new Insights feature, that’s a thing of the past. Insights give you a very detailed overview of who your followers exactly are, including information such as their gender, location, age and more. Similarly, you also get to know a lot more information about your content that was previously terribly challenging to get access to, if not impossible.

Metrics such as your top posts, the level of engagement with your followers, reach and impressions are now easily accessible from right within the app. This information would go a long way in helping you come up with a significantly more effective content marketing strategy focused on your followers and target audience.


Shralpin is a great example that has used this particular business feature to great success, growing their Instagram account at a much faster pace after getting to know what skateboarders (their target audience) like to see and learn about.

You can follow a similar approach, too, by trying to understand your target audience better. Simply keep a track of posts that consistently generate more engagement, and start giving your followers more of what they want based on that.

Similarly, some other types of posts may fail to connect much with your followers, which would be apparent from the low reach and impressions, as well as the poor overall engagement. So you can simply work on making them more appealing to your target audience, or simply replacing them with what’s working well for you.


Also, don’t forget that you can create laser-targeted marketing campaigns as you would have access to so much information about your followers, including the city they live in.

In fact, you can go as deep as finding out what time zone (based on your followers’ demographics) they live in and post at the most popular times when most of your followers are active on the site. This is sure to take the engagement with your followers to a whole new level.